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Lab configuring basic router settings with ios cli. Erase the startup configuration and reload a router to the default state. Lab 2 basic router configuration university of texas. This ospf lab is created in packet tracer and you will learn the ospf single area configuration from this lab. Michael truett, ccnp, is a network engineer for a large organization specializing in voip. Layer 3 connectivity must be established between the pc. Basic cisco router configuration stepbystep commands this post is by no means an exhaustive tutorial about cisco routers and how to configure their numerous features. Cisco cp allows you to configure your router in all kinds of network environments. Configure and cable the serialethernet interfaces as indicated in the above diagram. In parts 1 and 2, you will cable the equipment and complete basic configurations and ipv4 interface settings on the router. It is a stepbystep guide for the most basic configuration commands needed to make the router operational.

Our lab setup for this article is very simple as shown below. Configure the serial 000 interface with the ip address 192. Routers and routing basics ccna 2 labs and study guide. In the previous section you became familiar with the ios cli and even used a few commands to move around it. If you have difficulty with any of the commands in this task, see lab 1. Lab 214 reset cisco ios configuration specific defaults. Enter the interface configuration mode this will be either fa00 if you are using a 2811 router or gi00 if you are using a 2901 router. Ccie candidates at the ccie routing and switching lab in south africa. This will set the router with necessary basic configuration used in a real production router for both enterprise and service provider network.

Basic cisco router configuration stepbystep commands. Ccna v3 200125 certification nat 1 configuration lab simulation manual, exam answers 2017. Introduction and basic configuration with lab files katrina gonzales may 21, 2018 configuration tips 4 comments router on a stick is a network configuration used to allow the routing of traffic between different vlans. Configure passwords to ensure that access to the cli is secured. Topology addressing table device interface ip address subnet mask default gateway s1 vlan 99 192. Basic router configuration routing protocols and concepts. It also includes configuration examples and verification steps whenever possible. To clear the configuration, issue the erase startupconfig command.

Lab configuring basic router settings with ccp aws. This is a basic labs regarding ospf single area configure related to ccna or icnd12 exam. The cisco sdm is supported on a wide range of cisco routers and cisco ios software releases. Basic rip configuration topology diagram learning objectives upon completion of this lab, you will be able to. In this section you will learn to configure a few basic administrative features. Lab setup instructions\cisco basic ccna lab setup instructions. Basic router configuration this module provides configuration procedures for cisco 3900 series, cisco 2900 series, and cisco 1900 series integrated services routers isrs. Basic cisco router configuration packet tracer lab. Build the network and configure basic device settings part 2. In this lab you will configure a simple network to allow two routers to route packets between to remote networks. Assign class as the encrypted privileged exec mode password. This first lab 11 covers basic cisco router network configuration. Configure and cable the serial and ethernet interfaces as indicated in the above diagram.

Basic configuration of a cisco switch can be done in three ways, using cisco device manager web tool, using cisco networking assistant cna and cisco ios setup mode. Access the console port of the router using the access method described by the instructor. This is very dangerous in the real world bad security. End of lab basic router configuration lab noanswers. Configure ip addresses between the routers using the following 192. Lab configuring basic router settings with ios cli instructor version instructor note. In this lab, you will configure the router settings using the configuration from the previous lab in this chapter. While going through the packet tracer labs on the intense school site, i noticed that there was none that covered the basic router configurations using the cli section 4. Wan, lan, and other settings through menus and easytouse wizards. Establish a terminal emulation session with router r2 from pc2.

What kind of cable is required to connect a host directly to a router ethernet port. You can use any current router in your lab as long as it has the required interfaces as. Cabling a network and basic router configuration topology diagram addressing table device interface ip address subnet mask default gateway. Repeat step 5, a through h, making the hostname r2. These features are not critical to the functions of the router in a network, but these features help make administrating the router easier and secure. Basic router configuration using cisco configuration professional. The first two are gui tools and the latter is a cli option. Load this document on the computer you are using for a console. One pc for consoling into routers with terminal emulation software. The configuration is very simple with only two lines on r1. Basic router configuration arvutiteaduse instituut. In following figure there are the three routers with.

This lab uses a cisco 1841 router, which has sdm and sdm express preinstalled. Posted by admin on september 27, 2010 leave a comment 1 go to comments. Basic qos lab configuring basic qos lab basic objectives. It simplifies the configuration of routing, firewall, vpn. Ccna certification nat1 configuration lab simulation. Configure the device name as shown in the topology. Configure the ip addresses on the routers using the following 192. Configure switch port speed and duplex properties for an interface. For details from cisco on configuring telnet, console and aux passwords, click here. February 28, 2012 basic switch configuration cisco ios basic switch functions, names and passwords the switch name is tool to let us see what device we are connected to.

Chapter 4 basic configuration of a cisco router or switch. Module 1 basic configuration task for training lab network. Pdf a router with either wic1t, wic2t or wic2as cards, needs a special command to configure the link speed, which is. Configuring a router for basic routing router prompt exercise basic configuration exercise show commands exercise documenting the router configuration finishing the configuration exercise managing the configuration file exercise lab exercises command reference curriculum lab 31. For documentation about basic router configuration from cisco, visit their page. Lab 2 basic router configuration in this lab you will learn. In the first line, bgp configuration begins with a familiar type of command. On the routers, enter global configuration mode and configure the basic global configuration commands including.

Network topology for basic router configuration required setup and resources. Red font color or gray highlights indicate text that appears in the instructor copy only. This is a quick demo of how to get started with lab 1. Lab basic switch configuration topology addressing table device interface s1 vlan 99 s1 vlan. Two cisco routers with one ethernet port and one serial port. Cisco router basic network configuration ccna lab 11. Many newer cisco routers come with sdm preinstalled. Section 2 basic cisco router and switch management. Basic static routing lab basic static routing lab basic objectives. Chapter 7 basic administrative and management issues 266. Basic switch configuration all contents are copyright 19922007. Managing network devices lab 1 router configuration in this lab, you will configure a cisco router and use the show commands to verify the router configurations. Configure a dhcpv4 server and a dhcp relay agent background scenario the dynamic host configuration protocol dhcp is a network protocol that lets network administrators manage and.

The next command defines the ip address of the neighbor. Topology addressing table device interface ip address subnet mask default gateway r1 g00 192. Ospf is an open standard protocol, you learn more why we use ospf and ospf quiz from here. The prompt will display the name of the switch so sw1 tells us that we are connected to a switch named sw1. Study of basic network command and network configuration commands.

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