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Theory and design of dilute phase pneumatic conveying systems. University of wollongong thesis collection university of. It is unique in its blending of academic materials. Jet feeder 15 claudius peters is one of the worlds leading suppliers of pneumatic systems for the conveying of dry bulk materials. The appropriate conveying procedure is determined by results from the bulk solids test and the conveying tests, along with the customers basic conveyance data. Solids loading ratio, cf, is the ratio of the mass flow rate of the material conveyed to the mass flow rate of the air used for conveying, as presented in equation 1. Wypych university of wollongong research online is. The pneumatic conveying of bulk solids through pipelines has been used in industry for several decades. How being accurate is more cost effective than being conservative. Welcome to pneumatic conveying global leaders in bulk.

The general principle of fluidized motion conveying is very simple and this method of conveying has a particular advantage of being essentially workable. Ruud van ommen department of chemical engineering delft university of technology jmbc course particle technology 2015 based on m. Typical bulk materials pneumatically conveyed are powders, pellets, granules and. Since the bulk solid material is kept live by means of the steady flow of air, the material flows. Pneumatic conveying is the movement of solids through pipe using gas usually air as the motive force. Joachim werther, jens reppenhagen, in fluidization, solids handling, and processing, 1999. The dense phase pressure pneumatic conveyor is used to convey powders, bulk materials and raw ingredients to one or more production equipment over long distances while offering a. Food processors are experts at producing food products, chemical manufacturers are experts at developing chemicals, pharmaceutical companies are experts at making drugs. Pneumatic conveying of bulk solids semantic scholar. Concepts pneumatic conveying dynamic air pneumatic. Pneumatic conveying systems and in particular dilute phase conveying systems are known to create a high stress on particulate solids leading to significant attrition. Pdf pneumatic conveying design particulado, po e pellets.

In contrast to fluidized beds, it is not the material loss which is the main problem. Pneumatic conveying an overview sciencedirect topics. Feise encyclopedia of life support systems eolss figure 1. This 3rd edition of this successful book covers both theoretical and practical aspects of the subject.

Calculation of solids load ratio and reference values for dilute phase and dense phase conveying. Since pneumatic conveying systems tend to have high power ratings, particularly for conveying in dilute phase suspension flow, it is useful to be able to obtain a rough estimate of air. Fed by a pneumatic conveying line, the system is equipped with an integral cyclone that separates incoming solids from. The flow regime in the pipe depends greatly on the ratio of solids to gas and the particle characteristics. It differs from hydraulic or slurry conveying in that. Hydraulic conveying is becoming more and more important as pneumatic conveying technologies dense or dilute phase conveying. Pneumatic conveying handbook dilute phase conveying. Chemical engineeering and chemical process technology vol. Pneumatic conveying started in 1866 with the application of a fan and ducts to remove the dust and fine particles from woodworking operations. Pressure drop due to acceleration of the solids from. Pneumatic conveying systems are a popular choice for many powder processing companies. The design of pneumatic conveying systems is a very complex exercise since it.

This provides an understanding of dilute and dense phase conveying modes, solids loading ratio and the influence of. Pneumatic conveying is the transport of bulk solids through a pipe by using the flow of air or other gas. Pneumatic conveying is routinely used to move solids of all sizes within process plants. A thesis submitted in fulfilment of the requirements for the award of the degree of. Pneumatic conveying is one of the most popular methods of handling bulk powdered and granular materials in mining, chemical and agricultural industries. On account of the compressibility of the conveying gas, the pneumatic conveying ofsolids. Types of pneumatic conveying there are several methods of. Calculations for gas flow needed for a specific solids transfer rate, using. The pneumatic bed with a spouted bed type solid feeding system reported by ferreira and freire 1992 allows stable solids conveying in a wide range of solids flow rates. A theoretical and practical approach particle technology series 8 klinzing, g.

Prediction of maximum solids transfer rate using existing gas supply and conveying line. Pneumatic conveying is a cost and energyefficient method of transporting dry bulk materials such as powders and granules from one place to another. Solids loading ratio is the ratio of the mass flow rate of the. Pdf a new design approach for pneumatic conveying systems. Dense and dilute phase pneumatic conveying april 28, 2020. It differs from hydraulic or slurry conveying in that the gas expands continuously along the pipe length.

The variability in the design and performance between the two types stems from the differences in the kind of motion required to move the mass in one direction. Pneumatic conveying is one of the most popular methods of handling bulk. Pneumatic conveying design guide nong lam university. A pneumatic conveying system is a process by which bulk materials of almost any type are transferred or injected using a gas flow as the. It has been noted that the majority of chemical engineers who work in the field of pneumatic conveying research have spent most of their time considering flow in vertical pipes. It is unique in its blending of academic materials and good industrial design techniques. From 1998 2006 he was professor of bulk solids handling at glasgow caledonian university. The pros and cons of pneumatic conveying powder process. In pneumatic conveying the more tubing you put in the system, or the further the conveying distance, the bigger your vacuum. University of wollongong thesis collection university of wollongong thesis collections 1989 pneumatic conveying of bulk solids p. With the introduction in recent years of new techniques. Solid loading ratio an overview sciencedirect topics. Youll discuss line chargers feeders, proven pipeline layout rules and criteria for elbowbend selection.

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